We offer several different options from Perth to the Kimberleys, i.e 24 Days Round Trip Perth - Kimberleys - Perth or 17 Days short trip Perth - Karijini - Kimberleys - Broome. Please find programmes below. We are happy to taylor all tours to your needs.


Day 1

We leave Perth travelling via Guilderton, a small fishing village and holiday destination, to the Nambung National Park with the Pinnacles, a group of about 150,000 bizarre limestone formations. These are up to 4 m tall and between 10,000 and 30 000 years old. Next stop is the Mount Lesueur National Park famous for its variety of wildflowers and if not too wet, the Stockyard Gully National Park, where Jackaroos kept the stock overnight, also very famous flora.

Hotel Dongara

Day 2

We are passing the leaning trees, on our way to Geraldton, all leaning toward the east because of the direction of the wind. Geraldton is a main center of the region and an important port for the rock lobster and  wheat.

Later on we will visit Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon). The pink water is created by an algae and is harvested and turned into Beta Karotin (food industry).

If the weather permits it, we will visit the imposing sand dunes at Lucky Bay. Afterwards a visit to the coastal lookouts of Kalbarri, i.e. Castle Cove, Natural Bridge and Red Bluff. Kalbarris National Park is famous for its different coloured rocks.

Hotel Kalbarri

Day 3

Visit of the Kalbarri National Park. Murchison River, whose spring is about 400 km Inland created a gorge of about 80 km through Kalbarri Highlights:  The Loop, Hawks Head Lookout and of course Nature‘s Window .  Sand which was deposited in the last 400 million years form red, beige and white layers in the spectacular gorges.

Then travelling north we stop at the old Telegraph Station with the Shell Quarry and visit the Stromatolites which thrive in the extremely salty Hamelin Bay.

Shortly before Denham we visit the Eagle Bluff Lookout, hoping to encounter sharks, turtles and rays. The cliffs are about 50 m high and also offer a good view of the Western Gulf with Shark Bay, Useless Loop Salt Mine, Dirk Hartog Island and Denham.

Hotel Monkey Mia Resort

Day 4

We wait for the dolphins and after the feeding visit Francois Peron National Park. Maybe we spot Dugongs, Turtles or Dolphins from the viewing platform.The remainder of the day will be spent in Monkey Mia

Hotel Monkey Mia Resort

Day 5

Via Denham we drive back to the North Western Highway and stop along and view the coastal lookouts at Shark Bay. Via Carnarvon (Gascoyne River’s water is for most of the year invisible and hidden below the river bed but is used to irrigate the Banana plantations) we continue on to Coral Bay

Hotel Coral Bay

Day 6

All Day in Coral Bay, part of the Ningaloo Reef.  Ningaloo Reef is just as famous as the Barrier Reef in the Eastern States and is home to about 250 species of corals and 520 fish species.Being just off the beach we can snorkel and explore its beauty any time without booking a boat trip. Famous for its Whale Sharks, Mantarays,Dugongs and Turtles.

Hotel Coral Bay

Day 7

Now we explore  Cape Range National Park with its crystal clear water famous with the snorkellers .Maybe we encounter a Rock Wallaby at Yardie Creek or some water birds at Mangrove Creek.

Hotel Exmouth

Day 8

Now we visit Charles Knife Road and Shothole Canyon, beautiful scenery. Then we drive via Karratha to Port Hedland. Both towns have ports which are used to export iron ore or other minerals.

Hotel Port Hedland

Day 9

Port Hedland is the only Port in Western Australia being able to load two ships over 25,000 tons at the same time. The trains which are reputed to be the longest in the world, transport the iron ore to the BHP Port from Yarrie and Mount Whaleback, which is 430 km away.

We drive to the city of pearls,  Broome. Broome has a very interesting past (Japanese pearl divers and therefore was always multi cultural) and is famous for its beauty and the long white sandy beaches, the turquoise waters and as a backdrop the red sands. Gateway to the Kimberley

Hotel Broome

Day 10

All Day at your disposal. There is a lot to do in Broome, i.e. Chinatown, Pearl Farms, Horizontal Water Fall, etc.

Hotel Broome

Day 11

Via Derby with its Prison Tree (Boab with a circumference of 14m) we visit Windjana Gorge. Our walk takes us along the river and we hope to encounter some Freshwater Crocodiles. These are not dangerous unless they are disturbed while nesting. Next stop is Bell Gorge, the most famous of all gorges and many people think it is the most beautiful. Bell Gorge is situated in the King Leopold Conservation Park.

Bell Gorge Wilderness Lodge Camp

Day 12

Adcock Gorge, is about 5 km from the Gibb River Road. The hike is only a short one and takes us to the dark green pool with its water fall.

Galvans Gorge is also worth a visit and only about 1 km from the Gibb River Road on foot and for this reason very

Manning Gorge offers idyllic little beaches.

Home Valley Station

Day 13

El Questro Station is about 1 million acres in size, which up there,  is not considered big enough to make a living out of the Farm. We visit  Zeebeedee Hot Springs.

Emma Gorge, belongs to the El Questro resort. This hike is about 3 km return along a rivulet. The pool at the end of it invites us to take a plunge for some cooling down. There are Water Falls and fern covered cliffs, spring.

Hotel Kununurra

Day 14

Kununurra’s Ord River Irrigation Project is irrigating a lot of tropical Plantations.

We drive across the border and visit Keep River National Parks in the Northern Territory. This is a not so well known National Park but renown for its Aboriginal Paintings and beautiful walk ways.

Lake Argyle, a dam is about 1000 km2 big. It contains about 5.8 mil. Megaliters and therefore is the second biggest water reservoir in Australia.  (boat trip optional)

Mirima National Park (Hidden Valley), also called the Miniature Bungle Bungles is at close proximity to the town of Kununurra and it is a beautiful hike to the lookout.

Hotel Kununurra

Day 15

We drive to the famous Bungle Bungles or Purnululu National Park which is the official name. The Bungle Bungles were discovered in1983 and in 1987 it became a National Park and in 2003 it became World Heritage listed. A must for every traveller to the Kimberleys The park consists of about 240,000 ha and is about 350 mil. years old. Like the reefs of Geikie und Windjana Gorge, these ranges were formed in the Devonian age. They are part of an old river bed. The most famous formations are the Beehives.

Today we have time to visit Cathedral Gorge and we can also arrange for a helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungles (optional)

East Kimberley Tour Camp City

Day 16

We spend all day at the Bungle Bungles visiting Echidna Chasm, Mini Palm walk (if open)..

Hotel Fitzroy Crossing

Day 17

Geikie Gorge boat trip in the morning. This gorge is in close proximity to Fitzroy Crossing and the gorge walls are about 30 m high. We also hope to encounter freshwater crocodiles and birds.

Palm Grove Broome

Day 18

All day in Broome

Hotel in Broome

Day 19

Early morning we leave Broome and are driving to Marble Bar. Along the way we might come across wild camels or wild donkeys. Marble Bar has a reputation of being the hottest town in Western Australia. Jasper Rocks in the river bed were thought to be Marble and gave the town its name, it was also one of the gold prospector towns.

Travellers Stop Motel

Day 20

Beautiful scenery on our drive via Woodstock to the Karijini NP. We will visit Hamersley Gorge, one of the prettiest gorges.

Then we continue on to Tom Price, which is the highest town in Western Australia,  (747m). In 1962 Iron Ore was discovered at Mount Tom Price and today long trains take it to the port of Dampier.

Hotel Tom Price

Day 21

Karijini National Park with its wild beauty is also a must for every visitor to Western Australia. It is the second largest National Park in WA and offers rugged scenery, breathtaking gorges and waterfalls. We visit Weano and Hancock Gorge as well as Oxers Lookout. Then we drive to the highest drivable mountain, Mount Nameless , 1128m

Hotel Tom Price

Day 22

Another day at the Karijini NP includes the  Visitor Center and Dales Gorge/Fortescue Falls, Joffre Falls, Kalamina Falls

Hotel Newman

Day 23

In Cue we take a trip to Walga Rock, which is  48 km outside of Cue. The rock is 1.5km long and 5km wide and we will also see some Aboriginal Paintings.

B&B Queen of the Murchison

Day 24

We continue our trip home to Perth

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